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Selous Game Reserve / Nyerere National Park

The biggest Game Reserve in Africa



The jewel in the Indian Ocean

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Selous Game Reserve/Nyerere National Park

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Why should you go to Selous Game Reserve?


When you are visiting Zanzibar and/or Dar Es Salaam, Selous Game Reserve is only a short flight away. From Zanzibar we fly daily to the biggest Game Reserve in Africa. In 50 minutes you will be in the middle of the bush and the amazing wildlife.

The possibilities are unlimited... a quick Day Safari, Flying out of Zanzibar early morning, a full day game drive with a bush lunch included, and before the sun sets over Zanzibar, you will be back, or even more perfect, spend a few nights... so you can explore and feel the real African Bush experience.

Picture of a lion lying under a tree in Selous Game reserve in Tanzania, Africa.

Top of the bill, 5 star rating

Selous Game Reserve / Nyerere National Park

  • Short flight away from Zanzibar
  • Daily flights Zanzibar - Selous
  • In 50 minutes you will be in the middle of the African bush and wildlife
  • Biggest Game Reserve in Africa
  • The biggest river in Tanzania crosses the park
  • The biggest amount of all wildlife in East Africa, you will find in Selous Game Reserve

Other Parks in the South of Tanzania

Safari in Mikumi National Park, Tanzania

Small but sweat, 3 star rating

Mikumi National Park

  • Accessible from Dar Es Salaam by car (380km)
  • Perfect for a quick visit and a game drive
  • Only 5% of the size of Selous Game Reserve
  • One type of landscape and no rivers
Lion cubs in morning light. Ruaha National Park, Tanzania - 20/SEP/2016

Furthest away, 4 star rating

Ruaha National Park

  • A long flight away from Zanzibar
  • Very quiet due to not so easy accessibility
  • A more woodland landscape, what makes it more difficult to spot animals
  • On the other hand, amazing variety from rocky landscape, savanna plains to forest
Fish eagle at the top of a green tree in front of the light blue sky in Saadani National Park in Tanzania, East Africa.

The small one of the family, right at the Ocean, 2 star rating

Saadani National Park

  • Opposite of Zanzibar, with the Ocean as one of the borders
  • Only 2% of the size of Selous Game Reserve
  • Almost no cats, and only little wildlife

Tanzania: land of safaris, nature, culture and wildlife.

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Flight from Zanzibar + Selous

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Zanzibar + Selous packages

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Daily flights between Zanzibar’s beaches & safari destinations

Take the opportunity to fly from Zanzibar, and arrive in the middle of the game-rich areas of Tanzania’s national parks.

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In the south of Tanzania, Selous Game Reserve/Nyerere National Park is the largest wildlife area in Africa. Hundreds of species of plants, mammals, and birds. A tower of giraffes galloping over the plains, a herd of gazelles grazing, a pride of lions sunbathing, a gang of buffaloes staring at you, a flock of rollers passing by… and last but not least, Selous is one of the few sites where you still can find several packs of African wild dogs.

Twice daily, Beach Safari Aviation flies from Zanzibar to Selous Mtemere Airstrip and back to Zanzibar, an early morning flight and a late afternoon flight.

Beach Safari Aviation also organizes flights to the Northern Safari Circuit, please check the link below for more information.


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